Which wallet is actually leading the EOS MainNet wave?

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While attending at some forum and group discussions about the upcoming EOS MainNet. The most popular questions I came across are in these kinds: How can I register eos on my wallet? Can I receive eos airdrops on my wallet? What I have to do on the launching day of eos platform...etc... I just see how users stick to the old wallets with a strong and blind belief despite they are not receiving immediate supports. :/

There are good wallets with big reputation. But you really have to search around for more information before choosing one. This Infinito wallet is a basic example. I have experienced other wallets and then Infinito, and I am so surprised that it is really outweigh the rest. I am not comparing it to cold wallet, just other mobile wallets on the same field. The reasons why I'm supporting it:

  1. Infinito wallet supports all NEP5 tokens (which is hard to store) very well. It's a multi-asset wallet but the fact that it's focusing on ERC20 & NEP5 tokens give users like me a more specific idea of how it works.
  2. In the days of 'new EOS blockchain launching' all around. Infinito was one of the first wallets give users detailed guideline how to do the registration and what to do next with the mainnet.
  3. It is free-fee (there's no wallet fee) and very easy to use and manage.
  4. The developers are very enthusiastic, they give a clear perspective to their community. I've been in IW telegram community, twitter,... just stand silently and watch how they treat users. I am impressed.

So I honestly recommend our EOS community the good hot wallet that I'm using. Hope my short review above will give you certain impress to try out this great wallet and can stop wondering around for "what should I do with eos mainnet on my wallet". :smile: Any question you can drop it here or directly join their telegram via: t.me/infinitowallet ('cauze I'm not sure I can answer correctly, but I'll try to support as much as I can).

If you want you can see details about EOS mainnet or visit IW website via this link:


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    Finally a man with same point of view like me. I like IW too. What do you think they gonna do next with the EOS? It's still on the wait.

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