EOS Meetup presentations

bluejaysbluejays Posts: 66 admin

There should be different presentations for different purposes:

1) Introduction to EOS

2) Technical presentations (How to's, Setting up environments, APIs, etc)

3) Special Topics (BP selection criteria, etc)


  • eluzgineluzgin Posts: 16 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Sharing presentation used for first EOS meetup as an overview of evolution of Blockchain from Bitcoin to smart platforms (Ethereum), and EOS.

  • BodgetBodget Posts: 14 Jr. Member - 1/5 EOS Tokens

    Focussing more on the format of Meetups if you have ever been to a Parkrun they have a brilliant format which is cookie-cutter'd and replicated at all Parkruns (except in Ireland where they start half an hour later than the rest of the world for some reason!) but it would be great if EOS did something like this so us newbies could have a proven (and approved) format to follow. Then there can be a place for slotting in custom material for specific topics.

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