Private key: please help!!

BingbangBingbang Posts: 1 Brand New

Please help! Here what was done:

  • First: Linked my Ethereum address to a EOS key pairs, let's call them A (public) and B (private)
  • Then: Lost private key B
  • Then: Re-register that same Ethereum address to a new EOS key pairs, let's call them C (public) and D (private)
    Have a MEW confirmation that the Ethereum address was linked correctly here

Now, the snapshot was taken. BUT:

  • If I check EOS for my Ethereum address, I only see A as a result. I can NOT see C...
  • If I check in the snapshot, I can see A but not C...

  • Are my EOS lost??


  • linusfanlinusfan Posts: 7 Brand New

    Why didn't you check C using eosauthority kind of stuff after doing the mapping?
    If snapshot contains only A, and you don't have private key, i believe your EOS is lost.

  • kalifornicatedkalifornicated Posts: 3 Brand New

    I have the same problem, you are not the only one. I am hoping that devs are working on a solution, but I am still trying to contact them.

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