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This is the final Block Producer Candidate Report in its current form. More than three months have passed since the original call to action for block producer candidates to submit information - 48 candidates responded for that first report, of which 23 have since dropped from contention.

EOS Go started this series of weekly (and later bi-weekly) BP candidate reports to achieve three goals:

1) Help everyone keep track of candidates as they announced.

2) Encourage candidates to release a template of voter-critical information to the public.

3) Promote integrity, modesty, and transparency by offering check marks to candidates for posting information on the Steem blockchain. All BP candidate announcements are now permanent and cannot be altered, for future auditability.

We’d like to thank all block producer candidates for working to provide their best information for everyone these past few months. The EOS community is fortunate to have a high caliber pool of 177 candidates reporting information to the community, as of this final report. We also appreciate all feedback we received in helping us improve these reports every week. Thank you.

Please note EOS Go is not “official” in any capacity. We do not represent EOS, a decentralized blockchain, and we are not running for block producer or affiliated with block.one. EOS Go is a neutral community hub and information source to help empower EOS, first and always - throughout the launch and beyond. Go EOS!

We are now encouraging everyone to transition towards the new EOS Go Block Producer Research Site, where BP candidates maintain their own landing page with a quick overview and links to their information. All candidates are also presented on a large map and can update their own page of information any time. See this section of the site to learn more.


BPC Reports #9 and #10 include the additional and final 2 Checkmark Criteria:

"Block Producer Roadmap" and "Stance on Dividends."

Please follow this link for full details about the final checkmark criteria.


- Report #10 includes 27 new block producer candidates.

- Reports #9 & #10 only contain links to the BP Research Portal to help streamline research for community members. Block Producer Candidates - please continue updating your page on the BP Research Portal with all links and info so the community can get a quick overview of your candidacy, and dive in for a deeper look through your links.

### Check-Mark Criteria Charts

The list is ordered by check-mark totals, highest to lowest, with each sub-section randomized within the high-low overall sort. (E.g., all BPCs with total of say, 5 checkmarks, will be randomly-listed within their peer grouping.)

(List with links to BP Candidate Research Site Pages is below this chart.)


Summary Charts

Checkmark Criteria Summary
This chart summarizes how many BPCs out of the current total group size meet each of EOS Go's six community-reviewed "Checkmark Criteria" and two additional Checkmark Criteria, #7 and 8, for basic transparency and informativeness:


BPCs By Country

BPCs By Region

The Original Six Check Mark Criteria

1) PUBLIC PRESENCE: A public website URL and at least one social media account.

2) ID ON STEEMIT: Links to the following ID information, all posted to the Steem blockchain (either in one post or multiple):
- Official block producer candidate name.
- Location of company headquarters.
- Expected location of servers.
- Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).
- Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff.
- Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff.

3) TECH SPECS: Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Check mark given for any estimate, modesty encouraged by permanent Steem record. Quality and accuracy of effort will be judged by the EOS community.

4) SCALING PLAN: Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain. Rough outlines receive a check mark, open review gauges the effort.

5) COMMUNITY BENEFIT: Community benefit project outline, only for projects expected to be public by June 3, 2018 - posted to Steem blockchain.

6) TELEGRAM+TESTNET: Listing of Telegram and Test-net node names for community testnet participation.

The Two Additional Check Mark Criteria, #7 and 8:

Please see details at this link: 2 new Checkmark Criteria

Below is a list of all candidates with a link to their Block Producer Portal website information page.

Report Summary Stats

Report period # 10
Report timestamp 2018-05-30, 17:11:21 UTC
New BPCs added this period 27
Total active BPCs 177
Unlisted BPCs (not included in reports) 5

The following list of current Block Producer Candidates (BPCs) is sorted by the same methods as the graphical list above. Information presented on the BP Research Site was submitted directly by BPCs and has been minimally checked by EOS Go volunteers but not verified for completeness or accuracy.

Randomized List of Block Producer Candidates with URLs meeting basic minimum standards

BP Candidate Organization URLs
LibertyBlock - Bhutan200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Cocos - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
eosbidu - China BPC Portal Page
EOS Green - Poland BPC Portal Page
EOS.pacific - Hong Kong200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
Greymass - USA BPC Portal Page
TChain EOS - USA BPC Portal Page
MeetOne - Singapore BPC Portal Page
EOS Rio - Brazil BPC Portal Page
eosDAC - Anguilla BPC Portal Page
EOSArmy - Ireland200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Silicon Valley - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS Amsterdam - Netherlands BPC Portal Page
EOS Germany - Germany BPC Portal Page
Whateos - China BPC Portal Page
UnlimitedEOS - Japan BPC Portal Page
EOS NodeOne - South Korea BPC Portal Page
EOS New York - USA BPC Portal Page
MixBytes EOS BP - Russia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
Starteos - China BPC Portal Page
EOS WTZ - China BPC Portal Page
EOStark - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSBROS - Switzerland BPC Portal Page
Crypto Lions - Ukraine BPC Portal Page
EOS Canada - Canada BPC Portal Page
EOS Plane - China
EOSBIXIN - China BPC Portal Page
EOS the World LLC - Puerto Rico BPC Portal Page
GenerEOS Sydney - Australia BPC Portal Page
Wancloud - China BPC Portal Page
EOSMX - Mexico BPC Portal Page
EOS Gravity - China BPC Portal Page
KEOS - South Korea200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Palliums - China BPC Portal Page
BlockCC - Hong Kong BPC Portal Page
EOSeco - China BPC Portal Page
Cypherglass - USA BPC Portal Page
BitSpace - Norway BPC Portal Page
EOSeoul - South Korea BPC Portal Page
EOS Tribe - USA BPC Portal Page
HelloEOS - China BPC Portal Page
Active EOS - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS Titan - Bulgaria BPC Portal Page
EOS.Panda - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSVibes - Netherlands BPC Portal Page
EOSYS - South Korea BPC Portal Page
EOS Brazil - Brazil200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSGeek - China BPC Portal Page
EOSLove - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS.LAWYER - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Japan - Japan200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS sw/eden - Sweden BPC Portal Page
The Swarm - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS Detroit - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS Costa Rica - Costa Rica BPC Portal Page
Free Space - USA BPC Portal Page
HKEOS - Hong Kong BPC Portal Page
ZB EOS - Samoa200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png
EOS Sweden - Sweden200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSKh - Cambodia BPC Portal Page
Distributed Fund - EOS BP - Russia BPC Portal Page
TOP.ONE - British Virgin Islands BPC Portal Page
EOS Nation - Canada BPC Portal Page
BitcoinGod - USA BPC Portal Page
eosio.sg - Singapore BPC Portal Page1
Block Matrix - England BPC Portal Page
SuperONE - China BPC Portal Page
EOS BlockSmith - USA BPC Portal Page
Aloha EOS - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS.CYBEX - China BPC Portal Page
EOSREAL - Singapore BPC Portal Page
EOS.fish - China BPC Portal Page
EOS India (Indian Eagle) - India
EOS PH - Phillipines BPC Portal Page
OK Blockchain Capital - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS ChainClub - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSUNION - China BPC Portal Page
BP Squared - Puerto Rico BPC Portal Page
EOSRaychain - Hong Kong BPC Portal Page
Infinity Stones - USA BPC Portal Page
Attic Lab - Ukraine BPC Portal Page
EOSCUBE - China BPC Portal Page
EOZNz - New Zealand
EOS Cannon - China BPC Portal Page
EOS Bepal - China
AcroEOS - South Korea BPC Portal Page
EOS Arabia - Saudi Arabia BPC Portal Page
TOKENIKA - Poland BPC Portal Page
DutchEOS - Netherlands BPC Portal Page
BlockPro.One - India BPC Portal Page
eosONO - China BPC Portal Page
BuildTeam - Malta BPC Portal Page
EOSWenzhou - China BPC Portal Page
Genesis Mining - Iceland BPC Portal Page
EOS Dublin - Ireland BPC Portal Page
EosLaoMao - Japan BPC Portal Page
EOSphere - Australia BPC Portal Page1
Bitfinex - British Virgin Islands BPC Portal Page
EOS9CAT - Canada200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
eos.cafe - Canada BPC Portal Page
EOS.MediShares - Singapore BPC Portal Page
EOS UK - England BPC Portal Page
JEDA - Japan BPC Portal Page
eosafrica - South Africa200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS MOON - South Carolina - USA200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Americas - Seattle200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS JRR - Switzerland BPC Portal Page
EOS BPAC - India BPC Portal Page
EOS Land - Canada BPC Portal Page
EOS90s - China BPC Portal Page
EOSvillage - China BPC Portal Page
BlockchainLab EOS - Ukraine BPC Portal Page
EOS Vietnam - Vietnam200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSrock - Serbia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
Blockgenic - USA BPC Portal Page
EOS Singapore - Singapore BPC Portal Page
BLCKCHND - Russia200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Asia - Hong Kong BPC Portal Page
ShEOS - Spain BPC Portal Page
EOS Argentina - Argentina BPC Portal Page
Huobi Pool - China BPC Portal Page
EOS42.io - England BPC Portal Page
EOS Vikings - Norway BPC Portal Page
eosmeso - Guatemala BPC Portal Page
EOS Galaxy - China BPC Portal Page
EOS Games - China BPC Portal Page
GermanEOS - Germany200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Van - Canada BPC Portal Page
DAO.EOS - Hong Kong BPC Portal Page
LiquidEOS - Israel BPC Portal Page
EOS Emerge - Poland BPC Portal Page
EOS Root - China BPC Portal Page
EOS Mediterranean - Spain200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
Eos.Store - China BPC Portal Page
GEOS - Singapore BPC Portal Page
EOSTHU - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOS Authority - England BPC Portal Page
SheLeaders - Seychelles BPC Portal Page
Worbli - USA BPC Portal Page
EOSMetal - Iceland BPC Portal Page
SaltBlock - USA BPC Portal Page1
franceos - France200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
OracleChain - China BPC Portal Page
Advanced Blockchain AG - Germany200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
ChainRift LLC - Slovenia BPC Portal Page
EOSChain - China BPC Portal Page
EOS Shanghai - China BPC Portal Page
EOSHCC - Singapore BPC Portal Page
eospace - China BPC Portal Page
EOSZON - Russia BPC Portal Page
webvr - Singapore BPC Portal Page
EOS Beijing - China BPC Portal Page
ChainPool - China BPC Portal Page
EasyEOS - Hong Kong
91EOS - China BPC Portal Page
Staked - USA200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
EOSNAIROBI - Kenya BPC Portal Page
EOSAntPool - China
EOSDR.io - Dominican Republic BPC Portal Page
CIGEOS - China
EOSTEA - China BPC Portal Page
EosGen - Hong Kong BPC Portal Page
EOS Shenzhen - China BPC Portal Page
RoelandP - Netherlands BPC Portal Page
ViaBTC - China
EOS College - USA
EOS Pool - USA BPC Portal Page
BP Node - Canada
Aimi Blockchain Technology. Co - Singapore BPC Portal Page
Advanced Engineering Solutions LLC - Russia
Fire Cloud Blockchain Inc - China
Eos-QX - China200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
dirBlock.com - EOS Block Producer Candidate - Canada200px-New_icon_shiny_badge.png BPC Portal Page
Colorado Blockchain Capital - USA
INBlockchain - China
Eos Oklahoma - USA


Please continue to update your landing page on the BP Research Portal at https://bp.eosgo.io - the community should be able to easily get an overview of your candidacy and quickly find your most important links to learn more.

BPCs without at least 1 URL showing clear evidence of Block Producer candidacy are no longer listed. To have your BP Candidacy re-listed please submit a valid URL or Steemit post with information about your candidacy to: [email protected] OR through the original BP Candidate form.

Process Notes

  • BPC list randomization was performed with the Shuffle tool in the AbleBits Power Tools plugin for GoogleSheets.

  • Why Steem? In the interest of fairness and transparency we request all BPCs to post information on a blockchain-backed platform where content cannot be silently altered or removed. This provides short- and long-term assurance to all parties -- other block producer candidates, EOS token holders, and the interested general public.

  • As of BPC Report #8 EOS Go stopped including SHA256 checksums for in-line SteemIt images after it became clear that such protocol offers no reliable assurance of data integrity. SHA256 checksums do continue to apply to the privately-archived snapshots of raw BPC form submissions, as detailed below.

  • EOS Go archives a local snapshot of the raw BPC form submission data (a .CSV-format spreadsheet) at the close of each weekly period. The .CSV snapshot will be archived for at least 2 years and its SHA256 checksum is posted in the report. In the event of a serious discrepancy or conflict relating to the BPC registration process a trusted 3rd party (such as an arbitrator) could examine one or more weekly data snapshots to verify their chronological integrity.

Raw form data .CSV snapshot as of the closing timestamp of Reporting Period #10:
File name: 2018-05-30_17-11-21UTC_Snapshot_Block_Producer_Candidate_Form_Raw_Responses.csv
SHA256 checksum: bcc0825ee238caca659c271f815bedb85c93206a46317227e56fbce9ce11b224

Links to Previous BPC Reports

Block Producer Candidacy Report #9
Block Producer Candidacy Report #8
Block Producer Candidacy Report #7
Block Producer Candidacy Report #6
Block Producer Candidacy Report #5
Block Producer Candidacy Report #4
Block Producer Candidacy Report #3
Block Producer Candidacy Report #2
Block Producer Candidacy Report #1

Addenda & Corrections

Any changes after initial publication of this report will be logged here.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments about EOS Go's Weekly Block Producer Candidate Report please reach out to us at:

https://forums.eosgo.io - Forums
http://t.me/EOSProject - Live Chat
[email protected] - Email

Thanks to Sam Sapoznick for technical assistance during the Block Producer Report production process from start to finish.


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