EOS BP Candidate: EOSAmericas

EOSAmericas announces its BP candidacy.

EOSAmericas is an EOS DApp developer and BP candidate seeking to bring network security, stability, and reliability to the EOS network throughout the Americas.

#1. Public Presence

Official webpage: https://eosamericas.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosamericas
Telegram: https://t.me/eosamericas
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eosamericas

#2. ID Information

Official BP Name: EOSAmericas
Location of Company Headquarters: Seattle, WA (current. We will expand to have official presence in more countries.
Expected location of servers:
* Seattle, WA, USA
* Recife, Brazil
* Montreal, Canada
* Mexico City, Mexico
* Bogota, Colombia
* Santiago, Chile
****- These are our current live servers on various Dawn 4.2.0 testnets. See our roadmap for additional server locations.
Servers will serve functions of Node, listening servers, and REST API servers for DApps, depending on network needs.

Types of Servers: We will NOT run any AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure or Alibaba Cloud servers. We are concerned that if too many EOS BPs exist on these “Big 4” cloud servers, it creates an unsafe form of centralization. We’ve seen this recently in Ethereum when a DDoS attack on Google cloud servers opened up MyEtherWallet to a spoofing attack. We can’t let this happen to EOS.

We will use a mix of secure, professionally managed, on-premises servers (currently i9 16 core with 32 GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD and a static website behind a firewall and DDoS protection) along with bare metal Weon ES-2600 series 6-8 cores installations in “Non-Big 4” Cloud services.

Current Employees with Photographs and Bios:

Douglas Horn
Project Leader

A blockchain technologist and Gen3 network proponent who expanded a single bitcoin node and GPU miner into a ~5 PH/s mining operation that also maintains Full Nodes and Masternodes for over a dozen crypto networks including early support for Dash, PIVX, ZCoin, Waltonchain and VeChain/Thor networks. In founding Horn of the Moon, he built a talented and innovative team for smart contract-based DApp development. Douglas Horn is also a founder of the successful live-stream disrupter company Wonderstream. He graduated from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, USA) and Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) He currently lives in Seattle, USA and is grateful to enjoy the famous cheap hydroelectric power of Washington State.

James Davis
Director of Development

An accomplished product manager with over 20 years experience developing products from brainstorming and ideation to release to market and user analysis. James has designed and produced products for large brands such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Microsoft. He has an array of technical skills including programming, web development, design, marketing, analytics, and is a certified scrum master.

Beth Farnham
Director of Operations

Experienced Operation Director and Project Manager, with a demonstrated history of working in corporate, marketing, nonprofit and production related industries. Beth has worked in operations and marketing for a diversity of organizations, leading every stage from daily business to strategic planning. Beth studied nonprofit management at the University of Washington, and has over 20 years experience producing projects for high profile clients including Amazon, Microsoft and T-Mobile. Beth is an international working professional, currently based on the West Coast of the US.

Ed Silva
Software Engineer

Ed Silva is a blockchain enthusiast and passionate software engineer with over 6 years of industry experience in building and designing software for desktop, web, mobile and blockchain platforms. He earned a BS in Computer Science at Catholic University of Pernambuco in Recife. In Brazil he has worked for companies such as Microsoft and Samsung using a variety of technologies and programming languages. Ed built the first wallet for the RChain project. He is currently building DApps and blockchain monitoring tools for EOSAmericas.

Peter Bue
Software Engineer

Peter Bue is an full-stack applications developer with extensive experience building DApps, mobile products, and data driven web applications. In addition to his experience as a developer, Peter also has over 5 years of systems administration and IT experience. Peter is fluent in C#, Javascript, NodeJS, Python, PHP, Java, and Solidity. He is developing node integration and network monitoring tools for EOSAmericas.

Filipe Batista
Software Engineer

Filipe has been working as a software engineer for years, building web, desktop and mobile applications. Strong background in Microsoft development (C#.NET for desktop and web platforms), Scrum practitioner, open source adopter and crypto (digital coins, blockchains) enthusiast. Previous blockchain experience includes: small contributions in open source projects (Brazilian Linux distros, like Kurumin and Dizinha) and development of corporate systems.

Edmund Shern 陈贻昇
Business Manager – Asia

Edmund has over 20 years experience working with game companies all over the world including USA, Southeast Asia and China. He was previously in charge of developing new business areas for Razer. In addition he was previously creative director at OgilvyInteractive, and a director at MTV. His past clients include Standard Chartered Bank, Unilever, IBM, Nokia, GSK, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, CMGE, Skymoons.

Josh Manderville
UI/UX Designer

Josh Manderville is a UI/UX designer and art director who has worked on worldwide mass-market products for Disney, Universal, and The Pokémon Company. He has 20 years of experience designing for brand identities, advertising, trade shows and software products.

Nathan Horn
Network Monitoring

Nathan Horn is pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. He has studied abroad in Seoul and Gangjin Korea. Nathan is experienced at monitoring and maintaining blockchain PoW, PoS, and DPoS networks.

#3. Estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources by June 3, 2018

EOSAmericas will have at least two on-premises servers (Seattle, Recife) and four dedicated “bare metal” cloud servers (Montreal, Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago) running by June 3rd. (They are currently running as BPs on various Dawn 4.2.0 test nets.)

Q1 2018
Server count: 3 countries, 2 cloud servers, 1 on-premises server

Q2 2018
Server count: 6 countries, 4 cloud servers, 2 on-premises servers

We have a technical staff working daily and on hold for 24/7 availability 24 hours before and 96-hours following the Mainnet launch to cover any eventualities. In hardware, connectivity, and salary costs we will have invested over $30,000 in EOS preparation prior to the launch.

#4. Estimated scaling plan for hardware after June 3, 2018.

We will continue to expand our server build-out through 2018 as follows:

Q3 2018
Server count: 7 countries, 6 cloud servers, 4 on-premises servers

Q4 2018
Server count: 10 countries, 13 cloud servers, 5 on-premises servers

Our network of servers will provide speed, security, and redundancy for the EOS network. We will be able to support both transactions and DApps.

The mix of cloud servers (outside the “Big 4”) and secure on-premises servers provides the ability to rapidly deploy new servers as necessary to meet demand as well as the ability to avoid many types of attacks. By spreading our network across North, Central, and South America we also offer significant geographic diversity to the network.

#5. Community Benefit Project Outline.

We will expand awareness of the EOS throughout the communities we serve with native language education, conference and hackathon promotion and participation in the communities we serve. We will devote 10% of our revenues to this.

We will devote a further 10% of our revenues to developing useful tools and DApps for the EOS network. We believe the very best way to improve a network is to create great applications that bring users to it.

Because we already have a diverse team in terms of languages and cultures, we will stand ready to serve as a multilingual nerve center for getting varying groups around the world working together swiftly and efficiently in times of crisis. Our current language capabilities include: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. We intend to add Hindi and Korean within 4 months of mainnet launch.

Please see our full Community Roadmap at https://eosamericas.com/#community

#6. Listing of Telegram and Node Names for Community Testnet Participation

Telegram: https://t.me/eosamericas

Account Name: eosamericas
Public Key: EOS74XC3KnHHXe9jDkAzZxhtWtUhyB4BK6oWiMqZfFvyPPsHPKDA8

#7 Block Producer Candidate Roadmap

Q1 2018
* Assemble team
* Experiment with private testnet installations
* Assess and build technical capacity
* Extend network through 5-6 nations
* Server count: 3 countries, 2 cloud servers, 1 on-premises server
* Language capabilities: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese

Q2 2018
* Announce BP candidacy
* Achieve reliable uptimes
* Load balance network
* Stress-test servers and redundancies
* Engage with other block producers and candidates to build relationships with direct contacts for times of trouble.
* Attend Blockchain NW conference
* EOS Mainnet Launch
* Launch English language social media campaign to promote EOS (Videos, tutorials, Tweets)
* Server count: 6 countries, 4 cloud servers, 2 on-premises servers
* Language capabilities: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese

Q3 2018
* Launch EOS network monitoring and reporting site covering actions and revenues of all BPs
* Expand computer network
* Launch EOS Spanish and Portuguese-language social media campaign (Videos, tutorials, tweets)
* Present at 1 Brazilian, 1 Mexican blockchain conference
* Engage personally with all 21 BPs with native language individual point of contact where possible.
* Server count: 7 countries, 6 cloud servers, 4 on-premises servers
* Language capabilities: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Hindi

Q4 2018
* Expand EOS network monitoring and reporting web site to improve functionality and UX
* Organize and Sponsor 1 North American, 1 South American EOS Hackathon
* Provide year-end third-party transparency report on EOSAmericas activities and expendatures
* Server count: 10 countries, 13 cloud servers, 5 on-premises servers
* Language capabilities: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, French, Hindi, Canton Chinese, Korean

* Continue evangelism by establishing/sponsoring meetups, education opportunities
* Partner with local organizations in service area to promote EOS network more efficiently
* Maintain and expand BP individual relationships to include at least 2 contacts in each elected BP to foster cooperation and understanding in times of network crisis
* Engage with Provisional/Backup BPs to have a point of contact in case they are serving during a crisis
* Provide Year 2 financial disclosures for transparency

Please see our full presentation at https://eosamericas.com

#8. Position on Dividends.

EOSAmerica fully accepts the EOS BP Constitution. We will never pay for BP votes. We consider this to be against the core ethics of the EOS network.

Thank you for considering EOSAmerica as a candidate for EOS BP. We are currently running nodes on Dawn 4.2.0 Testnets and interacting with other active developers. We invite you to join us in the conversation. Together we can make EOS the revolutionary smart contract and DApp platform for the future.

Learn more about us at our website: https://eosamericas.com


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