EOSREAL: Revised Version of EOS Constitutions - Stage 1 (May 25, 2018)

Here is the revised version of EOS Constitutions of Working Plan Stage 1 (May 25, 2018)
You may find this file on:
Google Drive
It is a summary of feedback till 17:00 GMT+8, May 25, 2018 we have collected.
The red part is the revised part. For those articles even not revised, you can check the comments on the right, which may answer some of your questions. You can think more about the open questions on the right, which is still open to discuss.



  • muralimurali Posts: 6 Brand New
    edited May 26

    Yes Article V and VI can be combined.

    The word "Issued Tokens" does this encompass those tokens that will arise out of the inflation and be distributed to the BPs and the Worker Proposal Fund.

    Will the burning of tokens impact the definition of "Issued Tokens" or not?

    Article VI can be expanded as "No Member or Beneficial Interest shall own or control more than 10% of the issued tokens". The reason for including control is that there could be several ways in which control could be exercised without actually owning the tokens.

    Article VII should be left on its own and not combined with arbitration articles.

    Is "Eligible Tokens" in Article XVI refer to those that can vote? If so how are they different from "Issued Tokens"?

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