New token replacing paper based stamp or coupon.

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This is very small description of my idea. I will update this steadily.

Context : In Korea, coupon system is very popular among coffee shop, barber shop or generic stores. They give paper coupon with 10 or 20 empty slot for stamp. If someone visit and buy some goods from that store, then they give stamp on that coupon.

Problem statement : There are so many paper base coupon issued by many shops(e.g. coffee shop, restaurant, stores and so forth).

this consume real trees to make paper, that meant it harms nature and causes many disaster due to the lack of trees, eventually.
Even they issues coupon, it only can be used issued shop.
Sometimes, they forget to give new coupon or stamp on the coupon.
Solution :
Providing new DAPP to replace the paper-based coupon. Actually, new EOS based token will replace the role of coupon. Even people can collect token as a coupon.

They can use or exchange that coupon with goods(e.g. a cup of coffee). Or they can sell or buy issues token through exchange or peer to peer.

Also a certain shop uses blockchain crypto currency as a real currency as like as fiat. That is automatically recorded to blockchain, and DAPP can observe that information. After then DAPP automatically issue new token to the user as a coupon.

This can be realized we can use EOS main net because it has no transmission free. or transmission fee should be acceptably small comparing to coupon value.

Thanks for your reading.


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    why couldn't this be a profit making dApp run on a side chain?

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