[Worker Proposal] Proposal to keep my precious EOS tokens and to increase voting rate.

steve100steve100 Posts: 1 Brand New

Hacking is the most terrible situation for people especially in crypto currency.
I am one of EOS holders who really concern protecting wallet and coins and really worried stealing my precious EOS tokens.
※EOS has its unique voting system that voted tokens will be locked up for 3days to gets its liquidity.

Let me give you situation your wallet is hacked.
Case1. Hacker gets your private key and you didn’t vote. He steals your coins immediately.
Case2. Your tokens are being staked for voting. Hacker must wait for 3 days even if he stole your private keys.
In Case2, you still have 3 days to protect your tokens!

So here is my proposal
1. I suggest EOS wallet projects to set up alarm system when unstaking tokens. (hacker would need to unstake first to steal tokens)
2. When the alarm is on, give users to a option create a pre-order contract that creates new wallet and moving all tokens. And this will happen prior to everything right after tokens unstaked.
3. Give user access to the new wallet with biometrics / email / otp / or with some firm identity.

Eventually, this will enable people to vote more to protect their tokens while they contribute to EOS ecosystem.

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