EOS Community UNconference (Transcending Cultural Bias Group Notes)

During the Seoul EOS Community conference put on courtesy of NodeOne we had an unconference on day 2. There will be many posts here from the unconference.

Transcending Cultural Bias Present in the Community


Basically the general community reach consensus on there being a problem with news and how communication can transcend the cultural rift.
Things to look out for are Generalizing. i.e. Terms like CHINESE BP should be avoided at all times.
Education from the community should happen immediately.

Additionally, steps have already been taken to actively help non english-speaking BP's get better at block producing. We are actively getting more wireguards up to make a more efficient mesh.

Also, a global media and news platform is needed. Possibly making a section to incentivize translators on eosGO.


  • Embracing our global cultural diversities as a basis for building sustainable global solutions and synergies is the sure guarantee of human advancement that we have. Who knows what else our global communities will give us tomorrow after Satoshi Nakamoto?

  • I love this concept.

    It's only tangentially related but I think anyone interested in exploring their own biases, I highly recommend reading Michael Lewis' book The Undoing Project

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