Where Is Cypherglass based?

I am concerned. I have been firmly behind Cypherglass because I trusted and appreciate their wallet efforts. They are one of three BP candidates I have voted for.

However, today I am confused and need answers. On EOSGO.io they claim they are from Kansas City. However, the LinkedIn profile they link to on their website shows they are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- which is over 800 miles away.

Which is it? Please respond.

Thank you!


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    I got a response on Twitter from Cypherglass:

    They also said:

    So although I would prefer the entire team in Kansas City (go MISSOURI!), they've been very helpful. Also, I love their informational videos and their wallet efforts.

    Plus they responded very quickly. Kudos for that.

  • So to summarize, Cypherglass is not a Kansas City team, and they never claimed to be. They have been honest about that. So the servers are there, but the founders are based in Pittsburgh. If I did my research and not acted like a homer, I would have easily found out it was founded by the founder of ICO Alert and not some Missouri neighbor. Lesson: I shouldn't think like a homer. Don't vote simply based on BP server location and spend more than one hour researching a team before voting.

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