EOS Announcement Summary 1/13/18 - Korea Meetup with Brendan Blumer

Today's EOS announcement at the EOS Korea meetup was actually a three-for-one special, here's a quick announcements post with all the information collected to help everyone stay up to date on EOS.

Here's the YouTube video live stream of the announcement, skip to 1:01 for the action to start (Steemit won't allow video embed to include time information):

First announcement, summarized in a tweet from the official EOS account:

First reactions from the EOS Telegram general chat:

Link to the start of the second announcement on the YouTube live stream video.

Second announcement on Twitter:

Reaction to the second announcement involved some confusion, as the former Bithumb CEO repeated his announcement in Korean. David Moss of block.one was there to help explain:

Link to the start of third announcement.

Third and final announcement:

Telegram general chat, with David Moss again there to help:

About four hours later Dan Larimer came into EOS general chat to further explain the announcement:

And mod Sandwich has been trying his best to spread the word in EOS Telegram:


  • So much confusion as to where these tokens will go. It sounds like they will be ERC-20 tokens sent to ethereum addresses holding the EOS tokens, but that wouldn't make sense for a dapp being built using the eos.io software. So it makes more sense as a future airdrop to EOS public keys using tokens created on the EOS blockchain.

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