EOS Telegram Summary 1/12/18 - A Tale of Two Chiefs

EOS general had very heavy volume today as everyone speculated on the big announcement. Both Chiefs of block.one were active in the chat - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer - and we'll get to them after saying thanks to @oscarcc89 for today's cover image in the challenge:

First questions of the day revolved around the CEO, who's usually quiet in these parts but made his presence known today. He announced the live stream special announcement just before midnight (see the 1/11/18 summary) and then confirmed his location to excited token holders:

Speculation began to ramp up in chat and for once it wasn't illegal price talk (there's a channel for that):

The other Chief stopped by late to share a pic of someone he admires (Dan is an Apple fan):

With a message about the joy of giving:

User Imm explained the reference Dan was making with the Steve Jobs picture and "One more thing":

User SP later shared an excellent 3rd party blog post:

New EOS fan art:

Dan was back early after staying up late, because who has time for sleep when there's a world to change? More Apple talk:

Someone said the C-word:

On storing precious EOS:

Answering a question about the EOS snapshot being provided to exchanges:

The closest EOS general chat has come to talking about NEO in the past few months:

Dan explained:

Announcement speculation continued:

A scam site popped up, impersonating the EOS.IO Twitter and website, advertising an airdrop. THERE IS NO AIRDROP and NEVER WILL BE of the real EOS:

Ian made an elegant argument for the superior decentralization of DPOS and Nicholas Dooley drove the point home

And then Chief Brendan was back, offering up the single longest EOS Telegram message thus far in 2018 (questions are from a user, Brendan's answers are in bold)

Brendan explained why ETH is more expensive to the token holder than just fees:

Security through fees vs. good design:

Definition of the "largest blockchain":

Community action hypothesis:

Increased inflation vs. good governance:

The skeptical user prompting most of Brendan's responses was then impressed:

And while Brendan handled Telegram, Dan was apparently typing up this huge and amazing dev update:

And the last word of the day from either Chief before the special announcement in Korea:

The rest of the EOS Telegram groups were relatively quiet today as everyone focused on EOS general chat.



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