Anyone here developing any identity certification system like Civic ?

With the implementation of identities in Scatter and RIDL, it would make sense to have a system that would authenticate the information provided with verification of documents (passeport, utility bill...) provided locally or on IPFS (later on EOS Storage maybe) ?

I think it just makes sense as a side service in the context of RIDL.

I would gladly start working on it as it is something that I will need for the project I am currently working on but I have very limited development skills.

Happy to set up an open-source context / project management around it should a developer be motivated.



  • @lambi9891 Sounds like an interesting idea. I had a question on why will you need to verify with passport or utility bill if you already have a more secured validation scheme such as a public and private key?

  • @BlockX

    On the blockchain, the key pairs are proof of ownership. In real life, passport and utility bills are proof of identity.

    In the absence of embedded systems that would attach biometrics to cryptographic key pairs in a trustless manner, we need other humans to link and validate key pairs to real life identities.

    Does it make more sense ?

  • EOS argentina have made a start:

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