Announce KEOS Airdrop Event

edited May 2018 in EOS Airdrops

Airdrop to EOS Token Holders
60% of KEOS tokens (900,000,000) have been allocated for an airdrop for EOS token holders. All EOS token holders holding over 100 EOS tokens on the day of June 15, 2018 will receive 1 KEOS token for each EOS token held. KEOS token will be transferred directly into EOS token holders' Ethereum (ERC20-compatible) wallet. The actual airdrop will be made starting the same day and as soon as we finish running the necessary tests for seamless transference.

All Ethereum accounts that possess 100 or more EOS tokens snapshot on May 31 2018, 01:00 AM UTC (June 1, 2018 10:00 AM GMT) will automatically receive the airdrop. Any accounts with less than 100 EOS tokens will not be considered for automatic airdrop.

You will need to contact your exchange directly to check whether they will distribute KEOS tokens to an ERC20-compatible wallet under your control. If your exchange is not prepared to do this you would need to withdraw your EOS tokens to an exchange that does support the KEOS airdrop, or better still to an Ethereum address for which you have the private key. Most exchanges will support airdrop distributions as long as they receive enough customers request. So please do make that request to ensure your acquisition of KEOS token.

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