EOS price < EOS airdropped token price

Here's a little food for thought for the EOS community.
Recently, eosDAC, which is one token that has been airdropped to EOS holders, has traded with a peak price higher than the lowest price EOS has traded at.

This means that anyone could have bought EOS, held it, and sold their first airdropped token for more than their original purchase of EOS.

Wow! Congrats to those smart/lucky enough to get into such a great project at the earliest stage.

As for me, I'll keep the eosDAC. I see a huge potential for this to be one of the biggest tokens on the EOS blockchain.


  • A great observation. It demonstrates the potential of the Eos ecosystem.

  • couldnt agree more ... great work ...

  • My cheapest buy was $0.52. When I saw it tick up to 0.57 I bought a lot more and kept buying up to $3.00. Then I added more at $5.90 levels. It's going to be a great ride, if you can stomach the volatility.

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