Decentralized poll system dapp on eos

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Hello, I'd like feedback on my dapp idea.

It's a poll system contract, where anyone could create a poll and every eos account could vote. Or you could create a poll for specific token, so that only the holders of that token could vote. Votes could be stake weighted then.

I imagine poll functionality is something that a lot of DACs will require. Various proposals could be seen as polls with single options. So I think it makes sense to create a general purpose contract for that. Instead of reinventing the wheel in each new DAC, they could delegate poll functionality to this contract. Code reusability is good design practice and something that I think we should strife for in eos ecosystem as well.

Plus with the general purpose contract like this, it will be easy for everyone not just developers to find out what community thinks about some question, assuming frontends for this contract will be created.

I already started coding it just to see if it was possible to create polls for specific tokens. Contract code is here: Currently it uses currency example contract as a token standard. Hopefully there will be such a thing as a token standard in the future, since my dapp depends on it.

The basic contract functionality is already there. I'm at a point where I would like to start creating a frontend. However, since I don't have much experience with web development, it might take some time. It would be great if someone stepped in to help in this regard.

Any feedback about the idea itself or the code is appreciated.


  • Excellent idea - sending this out to the community updates channel for wider exposure. Let's find you some front end dev help and get this dapp off the ground, I agree polling will be a very important niche in future EOS economies.

  • Looks exciting

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