EOS Telegram Summary 1/10/18 - Dan Bears Retweeting

Today's cover image submitted by @danyelk to the ongoing Beyond Bitcoin Community Art Challenge! Thank you Dan!

EOS general chat passed 20k members today, just 7 days after hitting 18k. Nearly every Telegram chat related to EOS was active, which is unusual; this project seems to be picking up steam and nowadays our mighty mod @Sandwich pulls no punches:

Later, at the mention of altcoins:

Dan suddenly appeared with cheerful aplomb:

He disappeared for a bit then came back on a mission:

Alejandro cleared up some confusion:

Dan announced his efforts to spread the word:

Then came back 30 minutes later with another tweet that galvanized his fanbase:

User "kk ss" copy+pasted another Dan tweet, which he made in response to someone saying people shouldn't lose their keys in the first place:

Account recovery on the blockchain:

And we all know what happens when Dan sets his mind to something...

User kk ss further explained the Twitter rivalry:

Then Dan was gone again, probably back to coding. Later, Ian Grigg of block.one asked a favor of everyone:

Price talk slipped into EOS general chat in subtle ways:

User bruce lee III took Dan's goals seriously:

Members of EOS London are trying to spread a message:

The big champagne moment:

And then the mood went sour as Korean crypto rumors were reported in mainstream media:

In a small unnamed channel, Dan got excited about this passage linked from a software engineering book titled "The Mythical Man Month":

Over in EOS Developers, user zaratustra offered his latest work:

Block Pros user Egon Musk offered a "leaked whitepaper" for the TON ICO Dan tweeted at earlier:

EOSIO Governance discussed a bill of rights for EOS blockchain and speculated on a timeline for first drafts:

And Thomas Cox of block.one tied it all up with a neat little bow:


EOS Go is the launch community for EOS - future of the web 3.0 - as envisioned by block.one. Anyone can participate in this historic event by voting with tokens, attending/hosting meetups and launch parties, writing the EOS constitution, picking data centers for block producing, and much more.

If you're interested in being involved with the EOS genesis block, please start by finding your niche on the community forums and resteem or tweet EOS Go to help spread the word.

Check out BeyondBitcoin.club for weekly EOS Talks every Tuesday at 8pm EST with @officialfuzzy @steempowerpics and @africa !

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