EOS KIT from MEET.ONE, everything in One!

Hello everyone, today we are excited to introduce our Chrome extension-EOS KIT, is here for you!

Why we are developing EOS KIT?

There are so many events happening in the EOS world, that get lost in the vast co-related webs or accounts on different platforms. Why not develop something which aggregates all EOS important news? Here we have EOS KIT, a convenient entrance to explore EOS.IO. You don’t need to search or browse all day on Telegram groups, Twitter, Medium, Steemit and so on. We've put it all together in one simple kit.

Main Functions:

  1. Featured
    Everyday we select the most important and latest EOS news from EOS.IO, Medium, Steemit, etc. If you are busy just take a glance at the featured list. You will never miss any big events or good articles.

  1. Price Action
    In this part you can see the EOS/USD Price which supports many different indicators such as- Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, etc. Besides this, EOS KIT provides details of EOS token distribution, top EOS holders.

  1. Twitter
    You can browse the latest tweets of EOS related accounts on one page. Now we follow EOSIO, Daniel Larimer, Thomas B. Cox and EOS GO, etc. We will continually update, and you are welcome to recommend any added content.

  2. Dapps Index
    There will be more and more interesting Dapps based on EOS.IO system in the future. Dapps Index list will show many Dapps and the most popular Dapps will be listed on the top lines after sometime.

  1. BPs List
    To introduce more details of EOS Block producer candidates, the next version of EOS KIT will provide a single tab of BPs.

In the past one week, we have received so many suggestions which really help us improve EOS KIT. You are important for us and welcome to join MEET.ONE team. If you want EOS KIT to provide new functions, don’t hesitate! Join our English telegram and please let us know: https://t.me/MeetOneEnglish

Come on, search EOS KIT on Google Chrome Web Store or click: eoskit.io

EOS KIT, is what you need!


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