EOS Telegram Summary Jan. 9, 2018 - Trust is No Longer for Sale

Today's cover pic is another excellent submission for the cover photo contest by @johnchamberlain - thank you everyone and we can't wait to see who wins!

EOS general user Led Ger didn't know he'd be in for a treat later in the day:

Every once in a while it's good to be reminded of the token registration resources provided by EOS mod @Sandwich:

New dapp rumors:

Sandwich is back with a warning:

EOS Austin announced their meetup:

Every Tuesday at 8pm @officialfuzzy and @steempowerpics hold the live EOS Talk broadcast:

Total supply vs. max supply of EOS:

Lucky day for user Led Ger, who hopefully got to see this - EOS.IO video with Dan and Brendan - trust is no longer for sale:

Dan stopped in once today about this:

EOS Developers get out your notebooks, Bart of block.one is holding class:

An explanation from Bart to excite any EOS fan:

Over in EOSIO Governance, for the third day in a row 1,000+ messages zinged by, starting with a helpdesk on the blockchain:

The Inverted Pyramid of Identity:

More arbitration:

And over in the small testnet block producers channel everyone got to live vicariously through their new blockchain:


EOS Go is the community of people launching EOS blockchain - future of the web 3.0 - as envisioned by block.one. Anyone can participate in this historic event by voting with tokens, hosting/attending meetups and launch parties, writing the EOS constitution, picking data centers for block producing, and much more.

If you're interested in being involved with the EOS genesis block, please start by finding your niche on the community forums and resteem or tweet EOS Go to help spread the word.

Check out BeyondBitcoin.club for weekly EOS Talks every Tuesday at 8pm EST with @officialfuzzy @steempowerpics and @africa !

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