EOS Telegram Summary 1/6/18 - Dan Larimer Rips Apart Cardano

Daniel Larimer, chief architect of the world's most advanced blockchains, spent much of the day in EOS general chat and also explained all of his issues with Cardano in two blog posts (below). Dan said on January 4th he's coding right now and this could explain his increased availability to elated token holders.

Dan started off early in the morning on January 6th by explaining why upcoming projects have already been improved upon:

EOS general chat responding to the latest Danalogy in the article:

Sharing is caring:

Jason wanted better education for newcomers:

Dan moves on:

And then cheerful Dan was back:

Spreading good will to happy token holders:

Possible dapps from block.one:

Dropping hints for EOS:

No "Made in China" stickers here:

Further info on the types of people block.one wants to hire:

Dan answers questions about any topic to the best of his ability:

He tore apart Cardano... will DAGs be next?

Still going strong at 2:30am DST (Dan Standard Time):

And away he went. Later in the day some rumblings could be heard from the Cardano camp:

And Dan was back to enhance the statement of someone who said life after buying EOS is exciting:

Ian came in to explain the underlying issues surrounding EOS vs. Cardano:

Dan chimed in:

Robrigo helped Ian get the word out about EOS introduction - black edition (pdf link):

Here comes Dan with another refute to Cardano:

And later he's back with another fun fact:

Even Dan can be confused:

Explanation for an ICO skeptic:

Dan ends the day in EOS general chat on an interesting note:

Over in EOS Developers, nano nano has a tip for front end work:

And EOS.IO Governance, a channel with 213 members, saw 1100+ new messages today; mostly from Eva and Michael Yeates with some Ian Grigg sprinkled in. Briefly:

A final word on EOS arbitration:


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  • Glad we have the real problem solver who is really trying to make the world better!

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