Privum make the internet free again

I posted this in general intro, but it also makes sense to post here since this is a new project and will be looking to hire in the coming months.

Hello everyone!

Long time lurker and great fan of EOS, and Dan in particular. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely with the community.

I'm an "old" infosec professional and first started playing with bitcoin way back in 2009, so I have watched this space grow in leaps and bounds over these last 9 years and am very excited to play a small role in its continuing development.

I started a company in Switzerland a few years ago called Privus which provides digital privacy and security for governments, institutions, companies and UHNWI. All our software is based on open source, p2p and full transparency to our clients and we have had great success with our flagship product, SecurLine, and our motto "Trust but verify."

Our considerable experience in playing cat and mouse games with most of the world's censors using DPI and other "hostile" tools has led us to the realisation that the world urgently needs an open censorship-resistant and surveillance-free internet that can adapt dynamically and self-heal against attacks. Even if you are able to p2p encrypt all traffic properly and securely like we do at Privus, there's always the eternal threat of metadata, traffic analysis, and even DoS attacks against centralized infrastructure.
Blockchain technology, and specially EOS, is a perfect fit for our ambitious ideas, so we have decided to launch a new project based on EOSIO which we call Privum. The goal of Privum is pretty ambitious: nothing less than to build a new global open source peer to peer network that is censorship resistant, owned by the community of users, encrypted and incentivised so that all actors work towards pooling their resources (bandwidth) to the common good of Privum. Privum will be run on EOS and we are preparing to start raising funds in the coming months.

Until today we had not come out of stealth mode but Privum is moving forward fairly rapidly and this forum is our first public sneak peek. I thought it only fair to have the EOS community be the first to know since EOS has already given us so much and this community will become our collective home in the near future.

In the coming months we plan on starting a massive recruitment drive for the best talent out there in the EOS community. We will be hiring everything from EOS devs with great knowledge of C++, web assembly, etc, but also all types of networking gurus, devops, crypto specialists, web developers, fullstack, etc The only hard requirement is to be truly passionate about privacy, open source and blockchain technology and how we can use it ti change our world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We'll post more info as the project develops.

Privum - Making the internet free again



  • As promised, we're slowly coming out of stealth at
    Come take a look at our site and help us build a privacy centric community on top of EOS. I know Dan has a controversial vision on privacy, which I believe to be very naive and unrealistic, but the beauty of open source and blockchain is that we don't have to agree on everything and ideological positions are largely irrelevant to computer code.

    Any privacy loving EOS devs and open source geeks in general are more than welcome to join us. We'll be needing all the help we can get with such an ambitious project, and EOS is the perfect fit.

  • I was expecting a little more excitement from the EOS community. Maybe it's still early days but I wish we had a more participative community.
    Any comments or feedback on our project is much appreciated.

  • We're also looking to recruit EOS devs, networking gurus and other like minded open source loving crypto and security geeks.
    So if restoring privacy to the internet and using EOS to do it is something that you're passionate about, please contact us. Contact info is on our site at

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