EOS Telegram Summary 1/3/18 - Block Pros Go Loco

EOS Telegram chats haven't quite reached the level of fire they were on during the end of December, despite EOS general chat roaring past 18k members today. EOS BlockPros was the most active sub-chat, where they had an involved and inspiring conversation about a range of topics; more on that below.

But first: shortly after midnight in the wee hours of January 3 came a visit from Dan - much to the surprise of night owls lurking:

Straight to the point, there were no Danalogy explanations:

"DEX" stands for decentralized exchange, which Dan has already built in the past with his previous blockchain Bitshares:

(Stan Larimer, in the video linked above, is Dan's dad and current "Godfather of Bitshares")

Dan responded to whether the ICO can be sped up, and if some tokens will be locked or burned:

Dan signed off for the night:

Martin answered a frustrated user with his grasp on the purpose of year-long EOS token distribution:

Betsy Best swooped in to explain further:

AJ King summarized what he has learned:

Members in chat were hyped about the Jan. 13th EOS meetup in Seoul, Korea - where the capacity is maxed at 300 with 392 more people on the waitlist:

The Cryptofiend shared this article from block.one product dev Joshua Lavin:

Fuzzy announced his Save the Kittens contest:

Thomas Cox on what block.one might do after EOS is launched:

And Maxwell explained the Dawn 3.0 release date:

EOS Developers were busier in chat today, with Bart of block.one offering gems again:

Devs continued to help each other in chat but it was over in EOS BlockPros where the action really picked up. Ian Grigg talked about how to avoid centralized power in decentralized systems:

BlockPro candidates went on to discuss term limits for BPs to prevent server farms from getting complacent for being too expensive to replace. Ian Grigg's take:

More power:

Ian's cryptography t-shirts could sell more than the "Life is Good" brand:

The NSA trying to break blockchains and other systems:

Quick discussion about porn:

And to conclude, a note about Bitcoin from the BlockPros:

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