EOS Telegram Summary 1/2/18 - Brock is Still Partying

The morning was quiet in EOS general chat until Brock Pierce burst onto the scene:

Dan popped in to respond to an old link of his hypothetical universal basic income crypto (series he recommends starts here):

Many were excited about the new video from EOSIO:

Nobody was blown away by this Billionaire Token announcement but it is adoption:

Ian Grigg of block.one confirms one day these posts could be labeled "EOSchat Dapp Daily Summary" instead of Telegram:

Napster doesn't stand a chance:

Josh brings up Vitalik's increasing efforts to scale Ethereum:

EOS general chat always delivers:

Ian clarifies his $25 bet:

Other users like to give Ian a hard time about his bet, as evidenced in the 12/30/17 Telegram summary when Dan was answering questions about inter-blockchain communication:

Fuzzy is a well-known contributor to the community and held a live EOSTalk - beyondbitcoin.club has one nearly every Wednesday:

Other EOS chats were somewhat sparse today. Over in EOS Developers, Bart the block.one developer extraordinaire swooped in to clarify Dawn 3.0:

Finally, in the new EOS.IO Testnet Developers channel an error was discovered and celebrated:

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