How would EOS and Ethereum fight it out?

Currently EOS has the advantage in terms of scalability(one of many) But ETH has the market and influence currently and is being used by a lot of startups and upcoming Coins in the market. There is no doubt that EOS has a faster transaction from 10,000 to 100,000 transactions per second compared to Ethereum's 10 to 20 Transactions/s.

EOS has still a long way to go to finish the ICO period. Is the time running out for EOS? What if Vitalik Buterin successfully implements Sharding? What more things can EOS do to overcome ETH?


  • Hi Jeff

    It is not really about 1 technology against another, the goal is improve together but as you asked the question, I will give my thoughts.

    July is not that far away and people are already using the testnet to prepare their DAPPS for the live launch. Anyone who has written a DAPP on Eth knows its limitations and EOS lifts a lot of the pain. It is also expected that EOS will be the largest product launch ever due to the amount of DAPP's available for use.

    Scalability is just one issue that EOS addresses that ETH currently struggles with. Do not forget the consensus method that EOS will be using (DPOS) which is already is a huge improvement. Yes Eth will be moving to POS but I encourage you to compare the difference between POS and DPOS.

    There are more pro's than the few I mentioned above but this should get the cogs turning.

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    Ethereum is the seed
    One Ethereum contract is used for the EOS Token distribution which ends in 350 periods. EOS will be the seed for wonderful new applications we don't know yet. You and me has are the ones that raise them to be whatever we want them to be.

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