The coming major announcement making EOS Developers to Attempt 10% Buyback

It has recently been revealed that the EOS developer is attempting a 10% buyback of its stock.
The company’s investors are expected to earn big in this move.
The earliest backers could expect a hefty 6,567% return on their initial investments.
While Michael Novogratz has already managed to secure a much more modest, though still profitable, 123% return.
But what could be the projected future which is driving the to buy its shares back? There seem to be something good about the future of EOS to be confident about.
The June 1 announcement is believed to be one of the reason. has scheduled an event for June 1, which will take place in Washington, D.C. While the company has not revealed what product might be presented there, the most common prediction is that it could be a social media platform.
Larimer recently expressed his confidence about the future when he wrote in the Telegram group chat that “We sold a product, a place on a snapshot list that could be used by the community to create the highest performance and most used blockchain,”

“If we had not sold our funds on an ongoing basis we would have inflated Ethereum to the moon and then crashed it when exiting,” Blumer also wrote in the chat. “One day btc will probably run on eosio chains.”

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