Looking into prospects of tokenizing football players

The Football season across Europe and other synchronized federations around the world are coming to an end.
What follows next in the spell of nearly two months is the dramatic transfer season when players look out for new prospects of more earnings and to others more playing time. But in this era when the world financial system is being revolutionized by cryptocurrencies, how far are the possibilities of tokenizing the football industry, especially players?
In July of 2018, an article was published in the Independent, dedicated to the same subject, trying to draw the attention of blockchain players to the football industry.
Today, everything from bitcoin to art can be traded using blockchain technology – but what about players?
A few famous footballers have already joined the blockchain bandwagon. In 2018, Michael Owen launched his own cryptocurrency and Lionel Messi also endorsed a blockchain smartphone in the same year. Another football player Robson-Kanu is said to be a footballer by day and a Blockchain entrepreneur by night.
But what if players were actually on the blockchain itself? This is the idea of some payments experts, who believe the technology could one day transform the football transfer market.
Shall we soon witness major football transfers conducted on a blockchain in a season like this?


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