How 11 Trends Indicate that AI is the Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

These 11 reasons are all based on real scientific research and studies, condensed and interpreted here. AI and machine learning are relatively new, but already it’s taken the finance and crypto worlds by storm.

  1. Computer algorithms already generate the majority of trading
  2. AI is vital to sort through vast streams of digital data
  3. AI hedge funds outperform other hedge funds
  4. Neural trading systems produce superior information for the next trading day
  5. AI can spot market manipulations
  6. Artificial neural networks outperform buy-and-hold approach
  7. AI performs better even/especially at times of financial turmoil
  8. AI maximizes the percentage of winning trades
  9. AI is great for pricing financial instruments
  10. 10 AI successfully predicts prices for all kinds of traditional and emerging asset classes
  11. AI-powered portfolio significantly beats the market


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