Blockchain in Agricultural production

In the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, production of major grain such as sorghum, Soyabean and corn will be tracked using Grainchain's software, thanks to the partnership of Blockchain-powered agricultural project GrainChain and the state of Tamaulipas.
According to Forbes report released on May 2, "implementing GrainChain’s blockchain-enabled tracking tools is expected to bring more transparency in the grain supply chain by automating data records and providing more clarity to the way grain is traced from the field to the end marketplace."
Grainchain CEO Luis Macias said that the girl's software will greatly improve grain settlement times since GrainChain's software can purportedly verify the authenticity of the grain and identify its source. Combined with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the application of blockchain tech will purportedly provide more precise tracking of data and reliability for the commodity, as well as accelerate various processes.

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