What is "StakeMining" on EOS? Is it worth it?

What is "Stakemining"?

I took a look. The concept is very cool. But once you do the math you may not find it worth the time and effort. Here's why:

With the current options (on https://stakemine.io) of Sprtshub and Oneplay, you receive payouts only in their token. Their token is essentially worthless.

You can see current token prices here: https://marketcap.one/

I did the math: To get 0.1 EOS per day payout, you'd need to stake about 300,000 EOS ! And that's with the highest payout displayed. It goes down from there.

Personally for me I will be waiting for REX, which will have payouts that will blow stakemining out of the water.

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