Bitcoin [BTC] is not actually a cryptocurrency, claims Bitcoin SV’s Craig Wright

Bitcoin SV proponent, Dr. Craig Wright, has never been shy about making headlines in the cryptosphere. In a recent interview with CoinGeek, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, re-ignited the feud, claiming that Bitcoin was not actually a cryptocurrency. Wright stated that he did not consider Bitcoin as a currency since the token did not have any legal validity. He stated that before the token got any official acceptance, financial institutions of the state will release their own “tokenized fiat.” He predicted that the centralized fiat currency would “use the capabilities of Bitcoin and print its own money on top of it.” There is a difference between Bitcoin and other e-cash systems that use cryptography, he said. He added, “Cryptography is secret writing. Bitcoin is the exact opposite of that. Bitcoin is basically a public ledger. Instead, Bitcoin is a chain of evidence that is pretty much everything that those other systems that aim for anonymous transfer are not.”


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