Facebook’s Blockchain Hiring Spree Continues With 5 New Job Postings

Social media behemoth Facebook is advertising for five more blockchain-related positions – adding to the 20 positions already posted by the company in the last month or so.

The new blockchain-related positions, all of which are based at the company’s Menlo Park HQ in California, include production manager, business operations manager, data scientist, software engineer and growth product manager.

Chief Mark Zuckerberg has been rambling out in the open about blockchain and cryptography recently. His remarks proposed a move to grasp start to finish encryption of clients' information on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Be that as it may, a few faultfinders are calling his decentralization and protection mantra just a PR message.

In a video interview with Harvard Law educator Jonathan Zittrain, Zuckerberg estimated on the possibility of Facebook utilizing a blockchain model to empower decentralized logins without its servers going about as authenticators.

In the interim, the New York Times as of late revealed that Facebook is building up a digital currency that its clients can exchange among one another and trade on digital money trades.

The latest ads also provide some insight into Facebook’s crypto strategy. The company said the blockchain team “is a startup within Facebook and we’re exploring lots of areas of interest across all facets of blockchain technology.”

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/facebooks-blockchain-hiring-spree-continues-with-5-new-postings

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