MonerEOS - Fork 1:1 of Monero / 20:1 of EOS - Private cryptocurrency

MonerEOS (XME) -

MonerEOS is a secure and private. Untraceable cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol.

List of attributes for the MonerEOS token

Complete privacy. No risk of future disclosure User-created tokens Potential for gambling apps 2 trx per second per account No staking or voting 200ms confirmation and irreversible Unknowable exact supply, estimates only Generally deflationary Require initial trusted setup Not possible to detect breach in security until new supply enters market Security would likely take nation state level No new crypto math Tech foundation already used by governments for most secure infrastructure What Is A Hard Fork?

A hard fork is when a single cryptocurrency splits in two. It occurs when a cryptocurrency’s existing code is changed, resulting in both an old and new version. This case is somewhat unique, whereby XMR and EOS were co-forked into MonerEOS (XME).

When Was The Hard Fork?

Snapshot Date: 5th of April, 2019 20:00 UTC Snapshot Blocks: calculate for XMR and calculate for EOS. Mainnet Launch: April 8, 2019

Can I claim my XME?

When the hard fork took place, a snapshot of all existing XMR and EOS holdings occured. Anyone holding XMR or EOS in a wallet or supported exchange has been credited MonerEOS (XME) at a 1:1 ratio for Monero(XMR) and 20:1 ratio for EOS. For example, if you held 26 XMR and 380 EOS, you would receive 45 XME.

Name: MonerEOS

Symbol: XME

Circulating Supply: 62,194,500 XME

Total Supply: 84,200,000 XME

Block Time: Every 120 seconds

Block Size: Dynamic (max 2xM100)

Privacy: Ring signature. Stealth addresses

Official Website:

Twitter (Community):


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