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EOSBet is first-of-kind, player-centric gambling platform built on the EOS.IO blockchain architecture. It is fully decentralized, maximally scalable, provably-fair, and offers the hottest casino games with low house edges and zero fees. EOSBet was the first on-chain gambling casino to receive gambling license from Curacao's Ministry of Justice. We are currently offering Crash, Dice and Baccarat while Hilo is in the final stages of development. On top of EOS, we have integrated BTC deposits so that other non-EOS players can pitch in.


  • Our latest update is here:

    • Development updates
              a. Unique over/under card game - HILO
      b. Work on integrating LTC into the platform
              c. Daily leaderboard design finished
      d. New in-game feature (yet to be revealed)
              e. Optimization and bug fixes

    • All participants of our bounty campaign have been paid

    • Event: When EOS rules the world success
    • Further plans
      Check out now: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosbet/eosbet-community-update-march-29-2019
  • Fun never stops at EOSBet casino.

    On top of working towards the addition of new assets, software development, and security reinforcement, EOSBet has been conducting regular dividends payout.

    This time, however, we outdid ourselves.

    We had 4,706 EOS in the last 24h - the number 1 DAPP in paid dividends.

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