EOS Telegram Summary 12/31/17 - Another Day with Dan!

After Dan's most active Telegram showing yesterday he took it up a notch today, answering even more questions about EOS, privacy on the blockchain, other blockchain projects, and just about anything else that came up.

But first, as an international community the new year was celebrated nearly every hour as different time zones hit their 2018. From Asia:

Dan started by responding to user accusations about EOS ICO being considered a security:

Urius brought up taxes for users in Ethereum dapps:

About payment channels like Bitcoin's Lightning Network:

EOS general chat occasionally brings up Cardano, a project led by Charles Hoskinson who worked with Dan on Bitshares (read the first four paragraphs or Ctrl+F for "charles"). EOS holders noticed Cardano's users are more focused on lambos than dapp development:

On whether air-dropping tokens bypasses SEC rules:

Dan clarified delegating ("renting out") bandwidth to dapps and whether the owner would retain voting rights:

Voting should be somewhat intuitive for token holders:

Conversation switched to DDOS attacks and how EOS will prevent them without transaction fees. User Michael Yeates answered this one well:

Dan further confirmed:

More info on dapp design and user impact on the network:

Losing privileges on an individual basis for bad behavior:

Bandwidth and storage stats for dapp owners:

User asks Dan why he seems critical of every other crypto project and whether there are any he truly admires:

Privacy coins and their future:

Answering nearly everything thrown at him in a Telegram channel with 17.4k members:

Responding to another crypto's claims:

Clearing up TPS debates with another Danalogy:

Dan mentions a slightly different take from his previous thoughts on privacy:

Dapps building on EOS:

Turns out Dan was apparently writing a Steemit post about governance and privacy on the blockchain while answering questions:

Renting vs. buying EOS bandwidth when the chain is launched:

Transparency gray area on a privacy blockchain:

Finally, Dan pumped the brakes on Brock's "thousands of dapps" deploying when EOS launches but then offered a cryptic sign-off:

The other EOS chats were mostly quiet except for some early morning action in EOSIO Governance, where block.one employee Thomas Cox is collaborating with EOS Go and any other interested community members to help form the EOS constitution.

He recommends a book - "Governing the Commons" by Elinor Ostrom (link is to a PDF of the book online):

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