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Long overdue! Airdrops are a huge component of EOS, lucky as we are to receive them - thank you to block.one for designing a system that encourages developers and DACs to airdrop their tokens on our EOS distribution list for maximum effect. Go EOS!

PS - here is a great site to keep up-to-date on the latest EOS airdrops: https://www.airdropsforeos.com/


  • KevKev
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    @Eugen said:
    Hey Kev. Having an airdrop category on EOS GO is excellent. Thank you and Katie for creating one.

    EOS GO is the perfect place to have discussions and spread the word about how airdrops will become a worthy part of the EOS.IO movement.

    We are happy to join EOS GO and add value to the EOS community.

    airdropsforeos is a community-driven service that contributes to the EOS community by sharing information about airdrops in different languages. By now we offer four languages which are English, German, Russian and Spanish.

    Great to have you here Eugen - thanks for joining and we love your work!

  • Hi guys!

    We are Letitplay.io based on EOS blockchain, and we are invite you to our airdrop! All registred in LetItPlay EOS holders will get up to 1000 PLAY tokens.
    For details PM me or visit our Steemit page.


  • Hey Kev. Amazing idea as always. You guys never sleep, we love that, we have been watching and getting updates from your channel constantly. We are Atidium and we are proud and happy to join the EOS GO family!
    Go EOS!

  • How do we view the airdrop inventory for our EOS account? AND Where are "values" viewed?

  • Hi Guys. Emanate airdrop details released today. We hope you like the mechanics of rewarding artists and EOS bag-holders. Get involved https://medium.com/emanate-live/the-emanate-airdrop-is-here-b8d13e7aaced

  • Hi all. Murmur recently updated its airdrop details on murmurdapp.com. Do check out the project - a microblogging platform on EOS blockchain that's free and rewards content creation - as well as the MUR Token airdrop event, slated for Oct 25, 2018.

    Our founders and admins are on t.me/murmurdapp

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