EOS (EOS) Hits Market Capitalization of $2.47 Billion

EOS traded down 7.5% against the dollar during the 1 day period ending at 20:00 PM Eastern on November 22nd. During the last week, EOS has traded 21.6% lower against the dollar. One EOS coin can currently be purchased for about $2.63 or 0.00036351 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC, Livecoin, BitFlip and WazirX. EOS has a total market cap of $2.47 billion and approximately $3.63 billion worth of EOS was traded on exchanges in the last day.

Source: https://slatersentinel.com/news/2019/11/23/eos-eos-hits-market-capitalization-of-2-47-billion.html

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