Which Is The Right Cryptocurrency For Online Gambling 2019!!!

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
    Bitcoin is the most known and used crypto in the world. There are many bitcoin games online to choose from, as almost all online casinos support the use of this coin.

  2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    Bitcoin Cash is a popular altcoin that is usually accepted by most casinos that feature Bitcoin support. Of course, the payouts will be lower, and you will probably not be able to make deposits for all the games available on the platform.

  3. Ethereum (ETH)
    Ethereum is an advanced blockchain platform that enables direct on-the chain gambling through smart contracts. Making bets incurs a transaction fee, and settling times can take several minutes, depending on the network’s traffic. Most casinos that support Bitcoin also allow players to make deposits in Ethereum, as it has been for several years among the top 3 cryptos.

  4. EOS (EOS)
    EOS probably has the most on-chain gambling activity out of all the other cryptos, as it has no fees, and transactions are settled instantly. Compared to Ethereum, EOS has significantly more on-chain gambling games.

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