EOS rap song: "Panoramic EOS (remix)" - by Crypto Feez featuring Colin Talks Crypto

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EOS rap "Panoramic Remix"
By Crypto Feez featuring Colin Talks Crypto
Produced by Crypto Feez

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Colin Talks Crypto Verse

Got the game in a chokehold
EOS is so cold
FUD fighting fake news
This shit is whack-a-mole.
They hate you when they fear you.
I got a clear view.
Opposition bags kinda heavy with that mildew.

Throw them tokens on the REX
That’s what I’m sayin
Passive income regulatin all that hatin

To them it’s the westside, to me it’s the blockchain
Throw on the gold chain, aint no Fed notes, mane

Disrupt the whole system, EOS got that vision
Speed of confirmations aint got no competition

[I've never seen anything as fast as EOS before]

Distributed trust.
Decentralization, all these features is a must

Got that panoramic
Got that panoramic

EOS got that panoramic vision!


Man there's a lot of trash talking in the crypto space
Make sure you check your bag holdings
Instead of investing with your mouth, invest with your wallet. Put your money where your mouth is.

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