EOS Mega Update 24: b1 Patents Unique ID, Plutocracy vs Democracy, EOSSOV, EOSDT, NewDex, Telos REX

• New BlockOne patent reveals ID solution that is not dependant on KYC. We talk about how this Unique ID solution could enable a Democracy on EOS instead of a Plutocracy and the ramifications that might have. Proxies would then be representatives for individual voters instead of totaled amounts of EOS tokens.

Everything EOS gets the credit for bringing this one to the scene. Zack Gall with his super detective work, finds things like this and connects the dots. Shout out to Zack, Rob Finch and Mark Woods from Everything EOS. They did a video on this and I recommend you watch it as well for a full view on what is to come. It's very exciting.

• EOS SOV (Store of Value) – The smart contract is going to have keys nulled for immutability. All genesis EOS accounts will get 5000 SOV tokens as a claimdrop. Don’t forget to claim them!

• Equilibrium (EOS DT) smart contract decentralization
Is in the process of decentralizing their smart contract. It will be decentralized between The Equilibrium team, BPs and community members, requiring all 3 to approve changes to any code.
• Equilibrium community guided proxy https://medium.com/equilibrium-eosdt/equilibrium-launches-its-on-chain-block-producer-voting-system-13b4e5f356a7
"Equilibrium Proxy is made up of all the collateralized EOS that backs EOSDT stablecoins."

• Newdex Completes the Deployment of Smart Contract "Matching and Settlement on Chain" in EOS Main Chain.

• Interesting voting stats page - EOSMetal new page.
Click on "stats" and look at right side "voters" graph. When REX launched, number of voters doubled. On left side graph, there are more proxy votes.

• Remember to vote (or vote for a proxy), and most importantly: to periodically refresh your votes as vote power decreases over time.

• A SUPER easy way to generate new keys for a new EOS account. It also works with EOS, BOS, Telos or Meet.One.
Eugene Luzgin of EOSTribe explained:
"This is an experiment: we create account for free and charge 0.5 EOS fee after they fund account.
The key recovery is possible due to msig on owner key with permission of tribecreator account.
This allows us to reset owner and active keys for the account if user loses keys.
At the same time user has full permission to remove us if they want but they loose recovery option through us.
We have to link account to email for ownership proof.
For large balance we might require additional proof like sending transfer from same exchange account they used to fund account."

• REX on Telos (T-REX)

• MarketCap.One
http://marketcap.one just pushed a MASSIVE update. Added historical price charts for all tokens, token pages w/ data & metrics, watchlists w/ Scatter logins, completely new design and a lot more.

• Outro music by CryptoFeez – Song: “June 1st”

• Share this inspiring video "Build on EOSIO” commercial

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as financial advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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