Steve Wozniak has joined a Malta-based blockchain Startup

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined a Malta-based blockchain enterprise targeting more efficient use of energy. Speaking at an event on the island Thursday, Wozniak said he has invested in the EFFORCE project – which enables investors to back energy efficient projects around the world – and become a co-founder.

According to the Malta Independent, Wozniak explained that the firm aims to bring money savings on energy, but also help the environment, a factor he said was important to him.

Blockchain, he continued, will bring improvements to energy use and reduce consumption without consumers needing to change their habits. Wozniak also said the Maltese government’s enthusiasm for blockchain was a key factor in the company setting up shop there.

The effort has been working, with notable crypto exchanges such as Binance and OKCoin now working in Malta.

The government has also been moving to adopt the tech in administration, developing a blockchain strategy, and putting the tech to use in storing academic qualifications and rental contracts.

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