Crypto Not Mainstream’s Darling, But It Still Could Be The ‘Next Big Thing’

Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder Ventures, recently broke down his thoughts on this subject matter in his most recent installment of his insightful Twitter thread series. He notes that while crypto isn’t the darling of the mainstream conversation or consciousness, it remains “latent” in the mind of the majority. Citing personal conversations, the former head of ARK Invest’s crypto branch added that when he delves deeper down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole with people he meets, there is a number that sees it as the “next big thing.” Burniske, who authored the primer on all things digital asset, added that the fact that even those who are skeptical concede to the inevitability argument shows that broad deployment could be in crypto’s sights. He concluded, “So yes, the tech is still early & we have a long ways to go. But the way in which the ideas are lingering in peoples’ minds is a great long-term indicator for crypto.”

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