The Game Development Experience on BOS

Recently, the launch of the BOS has attracted much attention, the game which based on the BOS development has also triggered a heated debate. We were happy to invite Gao jin, a BOSDICE contract developer, to share the game development experience on BOS.

The team currently consists of front-end, UI, back-end, contract exploitation, operation and international translation. And the back-end, contract exploitation menbers have rich experience in development. They have participated in the most popular DAPP game development, such as Crypto Hero, Ether Kingdoms and so on.

EOS has a lot of gambling games, open source contract has been controversial, the fairness of the game has also been questioned. The team which has suffered random number attacks hopes to make a real blockchain game that is open source.
Considering the server as well as operation and other issues, the team chose lottery drawing on chain mode to be more decentralized and not be affected by server fluctuation and other problems.

Safety always the first. Game developing needs to ensure that once attacked vulnerabilities no longer appear, at the same time should be more practice and testing. In addition to random numbers, others also have to ensure security.

The dividends right now it's 100 percent. But after the first phase will be halved, for the late developer will stake the token to dividends. There is also a developer fund on BOS and 50% of the fund, developer awards will into the award pool, which make sure new players don't get caught.

Except the official website, it also has been in whale Ex, TP and other mainstream online wallet. Up to now, the total number of users is about 30,000, there are about 3,000 real players. In addition to simple and crude mining gameplay, the project team is also in contact with traditional game manufacturers to seek cooperation to improve the playability of blockchain games.

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