Stellar Available On Gibraltar Exchange

For the past few months, it is noticeable that cryptos are evolving and progressing. Cryptocurrency is dynamic that it can twist and modify by anytime. We see a coin partnering with one another and coins grouping themselves. After BCH was taken over by EOS, Stellar is now available in Gibraltar Exchange.
"Stellar has just gotten a plus as Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange adds the XLM token to its list of tradable coins. The new exchange added XLM as part of its expansion move to reach more customers. This listing comes shortly after the exchange added EOS. Keep in mind that EOS recently reclaimed its position as the fourth largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization. Adding XLM is a big deal for the exchange as the token is one of the top altcoins in the market."
From Smarterium.

Days will come, and we'll see how the blockchain industry evolves.

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