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The traditional process of cheese production is to add the starter and rennet to the skim milk before mixing and solidifying. In the process, 25% of the whey protein is released from the curd and discharged into the whey and is lost. While using ultrafiltration (UF) to concentrate skim milk, most of the lactose is removed through the membrane, and most of the whey protein is retained in the concentrated milk to increase cheese yield and quality. The basic process of Milk Production Line filling equipment is as follows:

The production flow of milk filling production line equipment is mainly as follows:

Skim milk or whey - pretreatment - ultrafiltration - desalination - evaporation - spray drying - finished products - packaging

Skim milk - pretreatment - ultrafiltration - concentrate - starter - cheese making - cheese

Reverse osmosis (RO) method can remove more than 60% of water, and the solid content of milk can be increased from 8% to 22%, while the solid content is only 0.15% to 0.2%. Ultrafiltration at a temperature of 30 to 50 ° C can concentrate the skim milk to 3 to 4 times the solid content. After removing the lactose and salt by dilution filtration, a skim milk with a protein content of up to 80% can be obtained, and then dried to save a large amount. energy.

  1. Milk filling production line equipment for skim milk concentrate

The use of membrane filtration technology to concentrate and purify the dairy components can preserve the original flavor of the dairy. Membrane filtration technology has been widely used in the concentration of skim milk. Membrane technology, as a low-temperature concentration technology for dairy products, replaces traditional thermal evaporation and enrichment, saving a lot of energy. In addition, the processing temperature of the membrane concentration is low, and the nutrients in the dairy product are prevented from being destroyed by high temperature and denaturation of proteins in a high temperature environment.

2, milk filling production line equipment, desalting and concentration of milk

As a by-product of the cheese industry, the composition of whey is complex, and the most interesting one is whey protein. The current use of whey is feed. Different products can be obtained from whey through different membrane combinations and DF technology.

Using ultrafiltration (UF) technology, low molecular weight water, salt and lactose can be separated from the whey, improving the ratio of protein, lactose and salt in the concentrate. As the concentration increases, the protein content in the product can be adjusted to the desired value. Generally, the whey can be concentrated to more than 25% of the total solids. After spray drying, the whey protein concentrate powder can be obtained, and the protein content can reach 35 to 80%.

The moisture in the sweet whey is removed by reverse osmosis (RO) and evaporated to dryness. The production of salty whey (very high salt content) from cheese and other hard cheeses is difficult to treat with sweet whey. It must be desalted before it can be recycled, evaporated, and dried.

Because ultrafiltration (UF) completely retains the protein in milk or whey, while lactose and ash are completely permeable, the process of "dilute ultrafiltration" can be used to concentrate the protein while removing lactose and ash as much as possible. Thus, high protein skim milk powder and desalted, lactose-free whey powder are produced for the production of ice cream and yogurt, soft cheese and other fermented dairy products.

3, milk filling production line equipment for microfiltration sterilization

The microfiltration (MF) membrane with a pore size of 1.4 μm can completely retain the milk fat and bacteria in the dairy, while the casein is completely permeable. The combination of microfiltration (MF) and high-temperature short-time sterilization can reduce the heat treatment intensity and improve the quality of sterile milk.

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