Cryptocurrency Developments 2019

Development Updates
Some of the highest-ranking cryptocurrencies have major updates scheduled for 2019. There’s a lot of impressive projects working hard on innovative projects, for a sample of what’s to come in 2019.

Development on the Lightning Network continues, and seems to be the main focus for the time being. Since the Bitcoin blockchain is currently only able to handle a maximum of 7 transactions per second, the network is slow compared to established payment gateways like Visa, which can handle an estimated 24,000 transactions per second when maxed out. Full implementation of the Lightning Network is scheduled to be released some time during 2019, and trials have been underway since summer 2018.

Ethereum has some major developments taking place in 2019, mostly aimed at improving the scalability of the platform. The Constantinople update was originally scheduled to happen in the latter half of 2018, but was postponed to January 2019. The update is aiming to provide scaling solutions, better processing times for developers, improvements to Ethereum’s economics, and more.

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