Jimei Is A Reliable Partner Of Milk Processing Plant

On a global scale, we have seen trends in different packaging, different sizes of functional beverages and healthy Fruit Juice Production Line. How does PET address these challenges and help meet changing customer needs?

For any product type or packaging form published on the market, due to the bottle design freedom provided by the injection stretch blow molding (ISMM) technology and the inherent and geometric properties of the PET raw material itself, PET packaging offers significant brand differentiation to attract consumers. Opportunity. Round or square, asymmetrical or special treatment, its huge market potential offers virtually unlimited possibilities for designing any quality or affordable package. PET bottles offer a unique platform for more and more brands – these brands are increasingly using labels or containers themselves to appeal to consumers – and because of their transparency, PET bottles also allow users to see The content inside. Easy to open and handle, this is a functional and convenient type of packaging that delivers a huge consumer experience.

As market demands change rapidly, from standard bottle sizes to smaller packages, PET offers endless possibilities to increase production flexibility through simple and easy conversions on the production line while updating the brand of the complete bottle range. Large to mobile format to meet every need. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can help design a unique and ergonomic bottle that meets the requirements of dairy brands. We can evaluate the strength and performance of PET bottles throughout the supply chain – through laboratory testing in actual production and supply chain conditions, we can determine the most appropriate packaging design, PET barrier solution, size, shape, cap and irrigation quantity.

As a general marketing tool, PET bottles offer many possibilities in terms of decoration. A full sleeve covering the lid can also be used on top of the roll-in label or sleeve label, which increases the communication-facing surface. Choosing Shanghai Jimei, we can increase the equipment you need for your Milk Processing Plant and create a factory that fully meets the needs of the market.

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