KuCoin delists 10 coins

Singaporean crypto exchange KuCoin has removed 10 cryptocurrency projects under its Special Treatment Rule. According to the Special Treatment Rule, projects may be stopped if they are observed to have low liquidity for a certain period of time or if they stop operating for three months. Other issues that can delist a project from continued listing include failure to inform the exchange of material changes, failure to cooperate with the exchange for a regular routine inspection, deviations from project whitepapers, lack of progress communication on the project’s website, security failings, and incomplete or false information disclosure. The affected cryptocurrencies are Modum (MOD), Bread (BRD), BitClave (CAT), Mobius (MOBI), EthLend (LEND), STK (STK), Asch (XAS), Jibrel Network (JNT), and WePower (WPR).
Source: www.ccn.com

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