EOSVR airdrop can use in new side-chain system now

At July 2018, we started EOSVR start-plan, but do not receive enough EOS. Maybe people do not like a EOS plus VR mode. We changed our goal and found it is better to create a trust system. With this system, everyone can trust a stranger or company limited.


It is a very huge project, and it can resolve lots of social conflicts. We should tell other people as many as possible, and let us work together to create a more beautiful world.

But a trust system should support hundreds of millions of accounts. It can not work without side-chain support. And we started to work on EOS side-chain implementation. Lucky that it goes well and will show side-chain preview solution at early of 2019.


The EVR airdrop is still available now. And we plan to exchange new across-chain token EVD with EVR 1:1 (transfer to evrexchanges , and another token will change back). Then accounts can use the airdropped EVR to try across-chain.

The genesis account who did not airdrop can transfer 0.0001 EOS to eosvrairdrop to get airdrop. More info:


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