Is EOS ICO a scam?

The highest record earning project, EOS is now facing speculations of being a scam since the leaking of a spreadsheet by Shi Feifei, a Huobi employee.

EOS is a blockchain based project and Huobi is an exchange platform. If blockchain based project colludes with an exchange it can lead to adverse conclusions.

Huobi’s statement denying having financial dealings with other EOS nodes is not good enough as it doesn’t explicitly rule out the authenticity of the leaked spreadsheet.

According to TrustNodes, a spreadsheet has been leaked, allegedly authored by Shi Feifei, a Huobi employee. Titled “Huobi Pool Node Account Data 20180911,” the document purportedly shows that Huobi voted for 20 block producers (bps) and in return 16 voted for Huobi.

Huobi is also alleged to control five nodes. The table below shows four of those nodes in grey (eoshuobipool being the fifth).
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