Rapid Development Of Filling Equipment In Milk Processing Plant

Tea beverages are usually made by hot filling and cold aseptic filling. Due to many restrictions, domestic companies have used this method before. The processing technology of Fruit Juice Production Line and tea beverage is strict. From the aspects of PET bottle filling process production process, production process, production line operation and beverage quality, the hot filling process is more economical and reliable.

Hot filling requires that the juice and tea beverages be kept at a fixed value between 85 ° C and 95 ° C after UHT transient ultra-high temperature sterilization, and in a short period of time. Finally, it belongs to high temperature filling. Generally carbonated beverages, filling is a type of material that is positioned or quantified, and there is always a certain distance from the mouth of the bottle. The production quality of juices, tea drinks, especially original flavored beverages, requires full mouth filling material, which has been filled into the mouth of the bottle, so that there is little residual air in the bottle, which can ensure that the beverage itself is not easily oxidized, thereby making the beverage Maintain its quality for a long time. Because of the high-temperature filling and oral filling functions of hot filling, this requires the cooperation of the automatic circulation system, which is convenient for low-temperature material circulation heating and CIP cycle cleaning.

When the heat-resistant PET bottle is hot-filled, the heat shrinkage rate of the biaxially stretched PET is generally 1% - 3 %, and the strength of the bottleneck area is the largest, which requires the positioning method of the filling bottle mouth to be the most reasonable, and the bottle body is avoided. External force deformation. At the same time, the filled beverage, the bottle is transported, and the bottle body is not subject to vibration and squeezing material.

In another Taiwan-like machine, the filling valves of the liquid inlet and return channels are simultaneously opened and closed. We have developed a unique hot fill valve design based on the full digestion and absorption of foreign technology. Filling valve material filling port 2, to a large extent, therefore the head of the valve core occupies a small space in the bottle mouth, when filling, the filling valve is inserted into the bottle mouth, the end of the filling valve, a liquid inlet The passage and the flow passage are gradually closed, and the valve is kept away from the bottle, and the occupied volume is replenished by the return passage inside the beverage, thereby ensuring that the beverage bottle is full and filled. Similarly, we need to reduce the filling valve adjustment gasket to achieve liquid level filling.

In recent years, the development of Milk Processing Plant filling machines and juice hot filling machines has been very rapid and intense, doubling the speed of almost one year.

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